Valldemossa: Travelling into a medieval fairytale-world

» Stop your watches. Forget about time. I want to tell you some stories. «

– James Krüss.

This time it’s not me who wants to tell stories. This time “I” is a little town in western Majorca: Valldemossa. Because that is exactly what is going through my mind as I get there: That this little town radiates so much and that it seems to hold so many secrets and stories which are just waiting to be heard and written down.

I am not surprised that many artists and musicians travelled during their career to Valldemossa and that here – once again – one sees lots of galleries and art studios. This town just offers so much inspiration. And for the first time I actually visit one of the little studios. In there, on one picture the artist captured a small hairdresser’s shop in Valldemossa and even that radiates an endless amount of charm. It’s without doubt old-fashioned but could easily turn into my new favorite hairdresser’s shop. That might be because of the artist’s talent or because of Valldemossa. I believe it’s a combination of both.

What is true for the hairdresser’s shop, also applies to the entire town. Every street, every house is so charming, warm-hearted and inviting. They make me stop and dream and really forget about time. Valldemossa has this special charisma that no money in the world is able to buy.

While walking through the town’s streets, I am not really able to decide: Is this some fairytale village that came back to life or rather the scenery of a historical medieval film? A mixture of both somehow. And Valldemossa is not just gorgeous but also very traditional. On every house there is a small picture of Santa Catalina Thomás, the only Majorcan Saint, who was born in Valldemossa. Every tile is unique and shows a moment of her life, very carefully drawn. Apart from the artistic quality, it is another sign of the connectivity that Majorcans seem to have with their villages. 

Time stops and flies by at the same time. Without noticing, hours pass by in which I have entered a different world. I have to keep myself from taking pictures every few meters. And it’s not the sights as the old church or the birthplace of Santa Catalina which fascinate me the most. It’s the simple streets and houses. Everything seems to be positioned perfectly for a photo. Even a cat strikes a pose for my camera and I am only waiting for her to put on her best smile.

Somebody once told me that he thinks Valldemossa is a little too perfect and that everything seems to be just arranged for the visiting tourists. I think about that during my stay here. Yes, it’s true, everything does look perfect. Clean, neat, you won’t even find a sere leave on the plants. But to me, it doesn’t look forced or affected. To me, it seems as if there are people living here who really want to live here and who decorate and take care of their hometown just because it means a lot to them.

Maybe it’s the little dreamer inside of me who always believes in the good in man. Maybe the inhabitants of Valldemossa are more intent on their external presentation than I assume. But since I’ll never find out the truth I can just as well keep my impression of the little fairytale town. I’d rather paint my picture of the world too colorful than too black. Because in the end I cannot affect why Valldemossa is the way it is. But I can affect the memory of it that I take home with me. 

Text: Jessica Hanack


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