Sineu and a market full of possibilities

» Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, that a lone amateur built the ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic. «  – Richard J. Needham

No; I am not planning to build a boat. I’d be happy if I was able to fold a boat out of paper which doesn’t sink after 30 seconds. But besides that, I think Richard Needham’s quote contains a lot of truth. How often do we rely on habits and the way we know inside out instead of taking a new one? A little less fear, a little more risk. Maybe that should become the motto of this summer.

Visiting a market is definitely nothing, where you have to take a huge risk. But at least a market is a place that offers many opportunities to try something new. This time I went to the market which is probably the most famous one in Majorca and supposedly also the best one: The Mercat de Sineu. Every Wednesday the little town of Sineu is to turn into a tourist highlight. That statement can be ratified without even entering Sineu. The streets at the town’s entrance are packed with cars and the big parking lot is completely occupied by busses.

The closer you get to the town’s center, the less are the streets packed with cars but with people and booths. At first, I am a little overwhelmed. But luckily, the crowd spreads quickly and one is able to breathe again, to stop and stare. And that is necessary to really take in and observe everything that is going on around you. The smells, colors and sounds. Music is playing in every street and is almost as diverse as the products that are offered. You can hear Indian sounds, Spanish guitar pop and brass band music and simply drift with it.

The one thing that makes the market of Sineu unique in Majorca – and that can be seen positively or negatively – is that living animals are still being sold here.  Rabbits, donkeys, dogs, horse and other pets are offered. Everything, that enchants young girls and makes older girls wonder whether the cages are a little too small. Especially during summer the procedure at the market is probably not considered as animal welfare. Supporters of animal protection should better forgo this part of Sineu’s market.

I recommend: Don’t go here when you have to fly back to your home country the next day.  Or otherwise, leave a lot of empty space in your suitcase. There are just too many things offered here that you’ll want to take with you. Whether it’s wine, cheese, sugar roasted nuts, chocolate, or for those who try to stay healthy, fruits and vegetables. All of that is of course not only offered at one booth but at many, many ones. And that was just a small part of the food you can get here. Besides that, there are leather goods, clothes, pottery or – what impresses me a lot – clocks made out of old bottles. To sum it up: It is impossible to name everything that one can buy in Sineu.

But Sineu is more than just its market. The small town is further away from the sea than any other town on Majorca, but has found its ways to make up for that. Charming restaurants, old alleys and churches, which make it worth to visit the town on other days than Wednesdays. Just dare to not do what is written in the tourist guide. Just go there, even when it’s not market day.


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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