Ses Salines – Between calamari and sunset-romance

I am a true sun lover. In the morning, I don’t need a cup of coffee, I need sunbeams to wake me up. There are not many things which bring me that fast in such a good mood as sunshine is able to do. And for me, nothing really beats the magic of a sunset at the sea. Just like it was there, that evening at the Cap de Ses Salines.

I have been several times to the Cap de Formentor, the northernmost place of Majorca, Now I wanted to go to the southernmost part as well, to Ses Salines and its belonging Cap. The first big difference between north and south? Driving to Ses Salines is definitely less spectacular. No mountains, no narrow curves.  Drivers, who are like me not very talented at it, are also able to make it there without any problems.

Before we started to actually look at Ses Salines, we had to try one of the many restaurants of the village. Casa Manolo is a truly traditional restaurant, which celebrated its 70th birthday in 2015. But Casa Manolo is not only well-known because of its age, its typical Majorcan furniture or the lovely setting right next to an old church, but mostly because of its delicacy: Calamar Potera or in English:  Calamari, cooked in its own ink.

I must confess, I was a little sceptic in the beginning. But when, if not during holidays, is the moment to try something new? The calamari is prepared directly in front of you and everything is described in detail. Just watching this process is already quite the experience. I absolutely had no clue how much ink is in one calamari!

I still can’t really say what calamari taste like. They don’t taste fishy and definitely not like rubber, as I was afraid before, they just can’t be compared to anything. I guess, you just have to try them on your own. I have to admit, that Casa Manolo despite its simple look is a little pricy. It is not an every-day-restaurant, but if you want to do something good to yourself and especially your gustative nerves, Casa Manolo is the place to go to.

Ses Salines contains not much more than one main street, but that street should not be underestimated. There are so many restaurants and bars here, which make me wonder, who is supposed to eat in all of them. The essential point is: Those restaurants don’t belong to the category “tourist-restaurant”, they all look really inviting. Even if the village doesn’t offer much more, I am pretty sure one could come here for a week and would find a different, special and exquisite place to eat in every single day.

After another drive of about 20 minutes, one arrives at the Cap de Ses Salines. It is different than expected. There is no cliff-lined coast, as I knew it from the Cap de Formentor. Instead the island blends into the sea. Here, you don’t stand high above the waves, but only needs to reach out your hand for them. At the Cap de Ses Salines, there are less “wow-effects”, but instead, one can take long walks on the rocks and let small stones dance on the water (if one is able to do that). Or one can just sit, enjoy the sunset and breath in the air, full of magic.

Mallorquissimo tipps around Ses Salinas:
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Celebrities, residents, tourists – all love Manolo
Award-winning quality and friendly service in a family atmosphere: tapas, seafood, homemade desserts and typical specialties like the famous Salt Fish, Lobster Stew, Squid Potera or Jamón de Jabugo 5J.
Great variety of wines.

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