Serra de Tramuntana – About the gentleness of a giant

» All mountain landscapes hold stories: the ones we read, the ones we dream, and the ones we create. «

– George Michael Sinclair Kennedy

I would have never thought that it is possible to use the word “gentle“ in combination with mountains. Until now, for me mountains were connected with coldness and abrasiveness. The reason for that might be that I am a true lowland child. The tallest mountain from my childhood is about 87 meters high and I am not even sure if that already counts as a mountain, it’s probably more like a hill. Either way, it was definitely not possible to go hiking or climbing there.

Then I came to Majorca and suddenly there were those – to me – huge mountains. The highest mountain here is about 1.400 meters high. Yes, even the German Zugspitze is more than twice as high and we don’t even have to start comparing 1.400 meters with the tallest mountains in the world. But if you compare the Serra de Tramuntana with the baby mountain from my childhood, I think it becomes clear that it was quite the advancement for me. Plus the important point is not really how high the mountains are. Essential is, that for the first time in my life I am truly fascinated by them.

For the first time, I see how much life they contain. And I am not talking about tourists riding down slopes but about the nature which consists of more than just rocks, stones, snow and maybe some blades of grass. Nature here is colorful, diverse and radiant. And what enthuses me the most are the wild mountain goats one gets to see here.

In the Serra de Tramuntana there are several barrier lakes which contain, as I have read, drinking water. The lakes shine in a dark turquoise and create the perfect contrast to the light grey mountains. I am not sure if I’d like to drink the water because somehow it doesn’t seem to be too healthy. But for right now it’s enough that the lakes look as if they have been designed for me to take pictures of them.  

And – I am really going to say it – somehow the mountains really do have something gentle. It lies for example in the way they surround the villages. Like a natural protective barrier which keeps away everything bad coming from the outside world. Or how the mountains extend in front of me in such a peaceful and resting way, with their recurrent heights and valleys. With forests in a luscious green and the sea in the background which shines through in between the trees. That’s the great thing: It’s not either sea or mountains. Here, both is possible at the same time. 

Just some streets leading through the mountains are not quite as gentle; they have a little more of a rollercoaster character: Steep, winding and sometimes one’s car is just a few centimeters away from the abyss. You’ll get an extra adrenaline rush if there are cars coming out of the other direction, on a street that is heartfelt about 2 meters wide. There are just a few loops missing to make the adventure complete. My entire admiration (and also sympathy) goes to the crazy cyclists here.

Except some cyclists one doesn’t see many other people in the mountains. Most tourists just visit the famous villages and take as far as possible the highways to get there which admittedly is the faster and easier. But also not as stunning. Especially if you take the time to stop once in a while, just to watch the mountain’s beauty

Once again, I experience moments of silence and some of the most amazing sunsets here. There is no chattering around me, just the wind, the clicking of my camera and sometimes the ringing of a goat’s bell. And a person by my side with whom I can silently enjoy the happiness and beauty of the world. Sometimes it doesn’t need anything else. Sometimes perfection lies in simplicity. And I have learned that that’s not just true for Apple designs but also for moments in life. 


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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