Santanyí: Time traveling ticket included

»But time seems to stop when you go with it. No running against it, but a light-footed, unhurried amble. «

– Jochen Mariss.

Maybe that’s the secret of Majorcans. The secret, why it feels like time has been standing still for the last centuries when you enter some of the villages here. And that is not a negative thing. It doesn’t mean, people are not up to date here, but that they have been able to keep the calmness from earlier ages. Hectic and that permanent glimpse on the watch to see if everything is on time don’t exist. Like it’s said in the quote: It seems to be more of a light-footed, unhurried amble.

Santanyí, my today’s traveling tip, is a small town with about 3.000 inhabitants, located in the southeastern part of Majorca. Maybe, after I have been traveling here for quite some time; I should have gotten used to the look of Majorcan villages by now. But instead, I wonder every single time again: How is it possible that the town still looks like a few centuries ago?

The feeling of time traveling into the past is not only created by the buildings here, although their simple architecture plays an important role. I imagine how people many, many years ago simply layered natural stones in all kinds of sizes and shapes on top of another. (It probably wasn’t as easy as I imagine it, but that picture is going through my mind when I see those houses.) Besides the buildings there are so many details which support that feeling: Old trees and wildly-growing flowers, which no one even tries to restrain. And also those old power supply lines, which cover the town like a huge spider web.

In Santanyí, I especially notice the tiny stores, where no bulk goods are sold, but only unique pieces. The products are placed with such an affectionate care, as if you are not entering a shop but a living room. They are more comfortable and beautiful than any decorated room at IKEA. The signs at the entrances are hand-written, adorned with flowers, and are simply charming and adorable. Going for a little shopping tour here, is a true pleasure.

All of that comes with the typical Spanish mentality: Friendly, but very, very calm. I visited Santanyí around noon, which means: Time for Siesta. The streets were practically empty and I hardly saw or heard any Majorcan. All that I did hear was: German. It’s crazy, but German seems to follow you, no matter where you travel here.

A thing that can be seen in pretty much every village – no matter how small – is art. In Santanyí as well, there seems be in every street at least one door on which you can read “Arte”, “Galería” or “Sala de Art”. It is incredible how many artists seem to live in a 3.000-inhabitant-town. I must admit, I haven’t visited any of the galleries. It might be, that Majorcans exhibit the drawings of their 3-year-old daughter in there. But everything I saw from outside was colorful and expressed vitality, warmth and summer. And that is already enough to win my heart.



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Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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