Fornalutx – A village of wild innocence

» Better to take pleasure in a rose than to put its root under a microscope. «  – Oscar Wilde

One of the most important lessons, that Majorca taught me, was: Just to enjoy and not having or wanting to understand everything. Just to enjoy that Fornalutx even during winter is covered by bright blossoms. That everything is colorful, that there are leaves on every tree, even though to me winter is connected with bald drabness.

Fornalutx has been awarded a prize for being the most beautiful village of Spain multiple times and one can wonder how that is possible since Deià is supposed to be the most beautiful village of Majorca. I think it’s best to not rely on any tourist guides or online reviews but to find out for yourself which village is your personal favorite. One thing is for sure: Those who are just looking for the superlatives will probably overlook the real beauty. 

So whether it is the most beautiful village or not: Fornalutx is definitely the steepest place I have visited here. Instead of streets there are mostly stairways here which wind up the mountain. As in almost every Majorcan village, the streets – or in this case stairs – are framed by plants. But here there are not only flower pots aside the streets but entire bushes and small trees growing. Instead of being perfect and orderly, Fornalutx is wild and untamed. The village doesn’t seem artificial but as if it belongs right at this place.   

Fornalutx also seems to be even more historic than the other villages. The houses seem to be older, the streets a little narrower and more intertwined and you’ll find old walls which look as if they have been built at least a few centuries ago. The Arabian influence on the structure and arrangement of the old town is unmistakable. The name as well is a sign of the Arabian influence, meaning something like “light of the oven”. In Fornalutx, the Majorcan history suddenly doesn’t seem to be far away anymore, it seems to be present and concrete.

To people who haven’t been here, it might be hard to imagine how one can be fascinated by the small villages over and over again. But it feels just like entering a completely different world every single time. The villages appear to be unaffected by all the wars and catastrophes happening in the world. Majorca and entire Spain fight against unemployment but here that seems to be far, far away.

Probably, unemployment is actually quite present here. I assume that a village with about 700 inhabitants doesn’t offer jobs en masse. But there is this innocent, peaceful atmosphere here that one doesn’t think that much about the problems of reality while walking through the streets. And yes, Fornalutx appears to be wild and innocent at the same time. Somehow these characteristics match here.

Of course one cannot and should not forget about the real life that exists besides the pretty flowers. But I think it’s permitted to escape life from time to time. And it’s always wonderful to arrive at places which remind you of the good things and make you forget about the bad ones. That’s why I love travelling to those villages, that’s why every single one of them has something magical. 


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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