Mallorca North Coast – Discover unspoiled places and spot for Black Voltures

Sightseeing Mallorca

A restaurant in the marina of Puerto Pollensa, turning its name into a calling. And an area offering much more than sandy beaches and cliffs. Visit the association for protection of Black Volture and Albufera, a huge wetland and home of 10 thousands of birds.

Puerto Pollensa – Day trip or holiday destination

Puerto Pollensa is set in the very high north of Mallorca, known for the close peninsula Formentor, the Easter processions in Pollensa Town and a favorite place for bicycle holidays. Mostly British guests spend their holidays along the windy coast with amazing views towards the cliffs of Formentor and Alcanada. Don´t watch for VIPs and stars, super yachts and fine promenades. The surroundings of Pollensa are marked by nature, peaks, few flora, holiday resorts next to old towns and traditional architecture next to hotels.

But there is much fauna to see and even worth a day trip from the southwest of Mallorca to discover amazing Black Volture, marshland and unspoiled terrain.

Association for protection of Black Volture

Did you know, Mallorca is home of some 100 Black Volture, a kind of bird almost extincted in Europe. There are only some places on mainland Spain and the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca where these huge birds find bearing places to build their nests, grow up chicken and find enough food to survive without being hunted by humans.

Black Volture reach a wingspread of approx. 3 meters, they are no killers but eat rotten carcass and they build their nests at the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Close to the tiny village Campanet, there is an association „VOLTONEGRO“ taking care of Black Voltures on the island but also taking responsability for offspring. It´s the place where 9 Black Voltures live, unable to fly because they got hurted but still in best mood to reproduce.

Visitors are very welcome. The finca is open Monday and Friday from 10 – 14 hrs, and every first Saturday per month. A small information center shows all about Black Volture. Highlight is the visit of the 9 Black Voltures, living in a huge cage, even more a garden. You enter the observation hut, open the blinds and will see the amazing animals sitting in front of you. They are not scared, very calm but highly interested when they get feed. Well, a horror like scenery when 9 birds but their heads into a dead sheep body to get the best first. But that´s nature!

Plan at least 1 hour for the visit. A small hint: if it is raining, they don´t move, not even when getting feed. But still amazing when sitting between the trees.

You want to see Black Volture in nature? The association organizes hiking trips getting very close to the birds without disturbing them.

LIKES: Huge birds next to you almost without separation, friendly multi-lingual staff, no fee but they ask for donation, small shop with local products (all income for the association)

Tel: +34 971 575 880 / 661 212 222
[email protected]

Pronature Travel
Tel: +34 661 212 222
[email protected]

Live webcam in the cage of the Black Voltures:

Hungry? Best sea food just around the corner

Gettig hungry from hiking in the Black Voltures mountains? Or walking around in Albufera, the home of thousands of birds, snakes and turtles? But not any restaurants for tourists? The marina of Puerto Pollensa is your place. Compared to the luxurious marinas in the Southwest, Puerto Pollensa harbour seems cosy, small and pretty short for a walk. Anyhow, it´s the place of STAY, a modern restaurant with glass fassade, boat like wooden floors and an excellent sea food & fish cuisine. If sitting inside or outside, STAY offers a fantastic view over the bay.

Go for the Spanish Paella starter (a small pot of sea food rice), continue with the excellent mixed fish fresh from the grill and finish with an excellent meal with a selection of sugarfree (!) and „normal“ desserts. Delicious! Why is the restaurant called STAY? No idea but I assume it´s because of the amazing sea view – you will stay for another wine and another wine and another…..

LIKES: Sugarfee desserts, good price-value, amazing sea view, modern and international atmosphere

NOT YOURS IF: you don´t like fish and sea food

How to get there

Good to know: Puerto Pollensa is only 30 minutes drive from Palma. Take the highway to Inca – Alcudia. Campanet has an own exit and greens signs lead you the Black Voltures Association, located next to the highway. Albufera is located in Playa de Muro, Alcudia, only 10 minutes from Pollensa. The park is open every day, according to the season until 20 hrs. There are several hiking paths, the longest with 12 km, with observation points. Loads of parking around the entrance.


Text: Nicole Rose


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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