A hiking tour to the former monastery Sa Trapa, Sant Elm

Today, I would like to invite you to a very popular hiking tour in Mallorca with fantastic sea views. Especially now in March, you will find so many plants flowering along this way in the very southwest of Mallorca: wild gorse with its yellow flowers, blue rosemary flowers and still some pink almond trees flowering.

This is a medium difficult walking tour in Mallorca. Please, wear hiking boots and take along sufficient drinking water. There are some tricky descents on shaky paths and dizzy ledges. Walking time is about 3 hours without break.  There are no restaurants along the hiking paths.

We park at the cemetery of S´Arraco which is located about 1 km outside the village in direction to Sant Elm. Take the tiny path leading uphill in opposite of the car park to cut the main street curve. Passing a dirt car park you will reach directly to a dirt road next to the street. This is the starting point of our hiking tour in Mallorca.

Follow the dirt road approx. 20 minutes until you reach a T-crossroads (facing a private estate). A wooden sign shows you to way to the right “La Trapa”. Soon, the long ascent on a twisted way starts. Go slowly and enjoy the fantastic view and the nature. After 20 minutes you will reach the top and have an incredible view until Palma on one side and to the west coast of Mallorca on the other side. Now, you can already see the monastery and the island of Dragonera. A short descent and you will be amid historic buildings.

In 1820, Trappist monks arrived at this lovely place and established a community which lived on Sa Trapa until 1824. The result of their labour can be seen in different buildings. In 1980, this place was acquired by the Balearic Nature Protection Organization who started to rebuild some monuments. La Tapa has been declared as “Special protection area for birds” ans as “Wildlife refuge”. Among its values are 14 varieties of Orchides, 16 endemic species of plants and birds as the Balearic Warbler, Osprey, Black Vulture and Eleonora´s Falcon.

Our way back leads some 200 meters uphill, the way back we came. When we reach the wooden sign to the right “Sant Elm”, we continue on a tiny path walk, hiking along the coast, descending tricky ledges. Finally, we pass a pine forest for the last meters downhill, always following the stone pyramids. After approx. 20 minutes hike we reach the dirt road leading back to S `Arraco to the left.

If you feel hungry, go to the right and you will reach to Sant Elm. The tiny village offers a range of fantastic sea food restaurants next to the sea. If it´s getting too late for the hike back (from Sant Elm to S´Arraco count with approx. 1 hour walk), feel free to take the bus line 100. It leaves at the end of the commercial street. Get off the bus at stop “cemetery”.

Find all bus schedules online: http://www.tib.org


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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