Gin & Brandy instead of Sangria from buckets

A visit at Mallorca´s brandy and gin cellars.

As early as the 17th and 18th centuries Mallorca was a drinkable island. Today, people connect Mallorca with Sangria from buckets which is absolutely not reasonable because of the wide range of high-quality liquors & spirits which are produced on the island.

Should it be coffee with a shot? “, one often hears in Mallorca. Like the alcoholic coffee is part of the culture of Spain, a herbal liquor after a sumptuous meal is absolutely normal, too. The business of distillery in Mallorca started in the 17th century when brandy was easier to store than wine, and was also far from being taxed. So you can still find in Mallorca numerous distilleries with origins in the 19th century.

The selection of high quality spirits is wide. In addition to traditional local herbal liquors such as ” Hierbas ” and ” Palo ” one finds strong brandies and hearty spirits with native plants such as juniper and anise.


For brandy lovers a visit to the oldest brandy cellar in Mallorca, Bodegas Suau, is higly recommanded. The small distillery in Pont d’Inca in Palma brings a brandy on the market that can compete with any noble mild Cognac . The story goes back to the Juan Suau. Juan Suau was a visionary Majorcan captain. After many voyages to the world’s oceans he built in 1845 in Cuba a distillery and began in the Caribbean the production of rum. In 1850 he returned to Mallorca, established his business of distillery on the island and brought back beautiful copper stills and countless instruments of liquor industry from Cuba which can be seen today as jewels in the museum. The museum was opened only two years ago.

C/. Cabana, 12
Es Pont d’Inca
07141 Marratxi

Open Monday to Friday 7-15 hours


The juniper tree is a native tree in Mallorca and can often be seen when hiking in the mountains. For the production of gin the juniper berries are used. Although Mallorca gin production is less common than in Menorca, Gin is big business.The origin of the gin in Menorca goes back to the British supremacy during the 18th century. Sailors and British soldiers asked in the local bars for gin which was not yet known at this time. But soon clever local business men learned to produce the liquor. Today in Mallorca, Gin is mixed with lemonade and drunk as “pomada”.

Let us introduce only one of the wide range of Gins made in Mallorca: Cabraboc. 
The quality Cabraboc Dry Gin de Mallorca is comparable with juniper spirits from the Spanish mainland. Inspired by the breathtaking mountains of the Tramuntana with its wild mountain goats, the Cabraboc is based on traditional botanical flavors as well as some special ingredients that grow on the island and give it that certain something.

Next time when you go out ask for the local spirits and give yourself a true Majorcan Gin Tonic (tonic is produced in Mallorca, too). Cheers!

Text: Nicole Rose


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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