EAST26 – Everything under a roof

Lucie Hauri´s new project in Santanyi

Imagine you are looking for a cozy property in Mallorca, as well as a good interior designer, an artist for the walls and matching furniture. On top, you need a new favorite restaurant ….

This might take a long time? Does not have to!

In Santanyi a new concept store of special kind opened in early April. Not any of the usual “all under one roof” stores, but the perfect symbiosis of real estate agency, architects’ office, artist’s shop, furniture shop and excellent restaurant.
In short: everything you need for beautiful living in Mallorca!

I had a look and will introduce the experts for Mediterranean lifestyle to you.


1. Find the perfect property: Lucie Hauri

Lucie Hari is known to everyone who is looking for a beautiful property in and around Santanyi. In her portfolio you find dream like country houses; exactly those stereotype stone walled fincas everybody is thinking about when it comes to Mallorca. But for Lucie and her customers, the Mediterranean lifestyle is more than just the perfect home. They are looking for EVERYTHING around beautiful living and good life, culinary delights included. And so the idea was born for EAST26, the perfect combination of 5 companies in a country-style townhouse with courtyard and a lot of Mallorca feeling.

From real estate search to favorite restaurant – everything under a roof!

What attracted me most to Lucie Hauri’s agency? The office is designed as you dream about your country home in Mallorca…..


2. The Concept Store in the Concept Store: Iria Degen Interiors

Once the right property is found, often small conversions or face lifts convert the new home into a dream house. Find support in the showroom of Iria Degen Interiors, right under Lucie Hauri’s office. The hand-selected portfolio of unique objects for all living areas comes from the Swiss interior designer herself and her extensive network of talented interior designers from all over the world. Internationally established gallery owners supplement these with “limited editions” of art objects.

Here, noble natural materials such as wood, stone and porcelain meet cool metals, mouth-blown glass or hand-woven textiles, and tell a “fine living” story in every setting.

What I particularly like here? Pick up your 30 CHF voucher and shop online.


3. Furniture and decoration: KOYO Interior

Finally, when the dream home is ready for furniture, the way leads from Iria Degen Interiors through the patio into KOYO. The chic two-storey house is not only a paradise for Riviera Maison fans. Here you will find everything from Mediterranean to Asian, from water glass to towel and from kitchen to sun lounger. 

What I particularly like? Fair prices and a placement of the articles in the entire complex.


4. Beautiful walls: VJP Art & Design

What is the most beautiful sandstone wall in the new house if the last puzzle to the perfect property is missing ….

Vanessa Jasmin Panné takes me through her small gallery. She is proud to decorate beautiful walls with her photos which, for a long time, she only enjoyed herself. The pictures show Mallorca from a very special angle and a maximum of 10 copies are sold. This is great, as is the fact that the photos can be ordered in any desired size. However, not only harmonious photos are a passion of Jasmin, old wine balloons, artfully decorated with their own handwriting, is the other. Patchwork is coming soon ……

By the way, Jasmin also visits her customers at home and chooses with her trained eye the perfect picture for every room.

What I particularly like about Jasmin’s photos? No need of color to show the beauty of Mallorca. Black and white is chic and fits every wall.



5. Shopping makes hungry: EAST26

After your shopping tour, in the evening or just for a quick lunch, the new restaurant EAST 26 invites you to culinary surprises in the patio. Find mediterranean lightness – not just from Spain – with ayurvedic influences, a wine cellar with selected drops from Italy to Mallorca and a creative Austrian chef. The card reads like a journey from Lebanon to Mallorca, daily dishes and a lunch menu as well as homemade lemonade included. It´s easy to get a fan of the new restaurant and it is worth to come back. Péppo Mayer and his team are full of ideas and let´s see what will be their next project…..there is a beautiful garden behind the patio not in use…

What I particularly like about EAST26? It is not any new Mediterranean restaurant but a delicious combination of the very best of the Mediterranean. 



EAST26 is a must for real estate seekers, homeowners and gourmets, or simply Mallorca fans. Casual ambiance in a courtyard, surrounded by small shops and typical sandstone architecture. By the way: EAST stands for the East Coast of Mallorca and 26 is the house number.

C/Bisbe Verger, 26
ES-07650 Santanyí/Mallorca
[email protected]
T Restaurant +34 871 031 838

Text: Nicole Rose


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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